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No Matter How Small Your Company Is - You Can Make Big Money Selling to the Government!

Here’s the information my government market ‘insider’ friends told me I was crazy to release…

“Finally, the First Practical,  Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Success in Selling to the Government - No Matter What Product or Service You Sell… 100% Guaranteed!”

BRAND New for 2006 –

The FOUR CD & workbook program…

The Ultimate Government Sales
Jumpstart Program!

The U.S. government market is Fortune One, representing 25% of domestic spending. It is confusing to most and scary for others! How do small companies compete? The better educated your on the market, the better your chances are!  I am Mark Amtower, and I’ve helped hundreds of companies enter this market successfully in the past 22 years.

My FOUR CD program is designed to give you the best advice available!

  • An insider’s view of the intricate and often confusing government market. My advice helped one company cut through the billing red-tape and get paid on their first contract. Without a thorough understanding of this market, you might not know how to invoice government agencies on your first contract! I don’t want you to flounder around on paperwork and not get paid, or waste valuable time and money pursuing work they are not qualified for, or advertising in venues where returns will not occur! I can show you where you fit…

  • Selling strategies: The most popular contract with the government is the GSA Schedule. But do you really need a GSA contract to start selling to the Feds? One company I advised thought they needed a GSA Schedule. Their average order was under $2,500, and if they got a GSA their margins would have been cut by 60%!

  • How do you determine where to start? How do you make sure those first few steps pay some dividends in the long haul? One company I helped thought they should be selling to “all government” right from the start. I helped them determine which agency (just one!) to start with and how to cost-effectively grow this business until they were ready to expand. You don’t need a brain surgeon, but you do require an experienced guide who does not offer a “one size fits all” approach.

  • Marketing programs in the government market are different, and mis-steps can be very costly. Ignoring ethics rules and other market nuances has forced many vendors out of the market, and placed others on government black-lists. One company called me to review a marketing campaign their ad agency came up with – a free offer to government buyers. This “campaign” would have negated the government contract the company was selling from, violating a basic government ethics law. Do NOT make these mistakes!

Give me 4 weeks and I’ll prove you can truly get started on the path to success in Fortune One – the U.S. government market… or I’ll refund every penny you paid!

Plus, HOT Bonuses Just Added…

TWO bonus CDs with interviews two market experts are included in every Jumpstart package – and a two more – targeted to your needs – will be sent later as I see where you fit in the market and understand what ­you­ need!

And lots more...

March 12, 2007

Dear Soon-to-be Government Market Pro!

Yes, you really can make Big Money selling to government. It is not a mystery.

And I’m so sure of it - I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. But first, let me share a story with you…

When my daughter was six, she wanted to bake muffins (one of my favorites) to surprise me when I returned from a business trip. She went into the kitchen and starting mixing together flour, sugar, corn starch (I like corn muffins best!), spices, and just about anything else she could find that sounded like it belonged in a good muffin.

You can imagine how it looked like after the baking! My wife was pleased by the thought, but we ended up with a big mess. I ate the result and did my best to look pleased, but it tasted absolutely horrible.

Today she is thirteen, and when she bakes – she’ll start with a recipe. She shows me how she measures out all the ingredients and follows the exact instructions on the recipe. Now her muffins turn out pretty darn good - even her friends like them.

Okay, but what does any of this have to do with selling to the government?

Amazingly, lots!

You see, entering the government market without the right plan is a lot like trying to bake muffins without a recipe… you’ll only end up making lots of mistakes, a big mess and wasting a bunch of money and probably leave the market very frustrated.

The truth is, I’ve found more people confused, perplexed, puzzled and just plain baffled about the government market just because of the sheer size. And with recent headlines, more people than ever are convinced you don’t get in without the “right” lobbyist contacts. Who wouldn’t be confused? There are more self-proclaimed gurus and ‘wannabe’ gurus out there than you can shake a stick at, each selling a magic elixir.

The problem is who can you believe?

Hundreds of “Beltway bandits” and “D.C. insiders” are running around telling you they have the “secrets” to winning government business and making lots of money in a short period of time. You’ll see some of these pitches in emails and others on internet searches – but very few with credentials and a track record like mine! I have been quoted in Forbes, profiled in Entrepreneur and Federal Computer Week,  and my articles and quotes have appeared in more than 100 business publications. Thousands have attended my seminars and Summits, and I have made millions consulting in this market - but my clients have made billions!

What is the best advice available worth to you?

I always ask the “wanna-bes” to “Show me the proof!” Let me see your track record of helping companies sell to the government. And show me where any new company made money quickly selling to the government! You show me your track record and I’ll show you mine!

Seventy-three companies have paid $10,000 for this same information when it is presented as an in-house seminar!

You pay less than my $600 hourly fee for the Jumpstart Program!

This is a hard market to break into, and part of your plan has to be setting realistic expectations. There are no "get rich quick" schemes that work in this market.

See if anyone else ever tells you that up front!

I don't think you could find many takers there.

This is exactly what I've done: I have taken the core of my $10,000-a-day Successful Federal Market Entry program (designed for one company at a time) and distilled it into four CDs and a workbook – for you!


Because there are thousands of companies out there – large and small (how small? I’ve advised one and two person companies) that can use the information, and for me to reach as many as possible, I needed to create a new venue.

"National Business Furniture worked with Mark Amtower for eight years. We regard him as 'the' authority in B2G marketing and he proved to be a valuable partner in growing our Government business."

—  George Mosher, Former President, National Business Furniture

If you have a commercially viable business, some patience, and are willing to learn, you can make lots of money selling to the government!  George Mosher did, and he did it without contracts!

And I can teach you how!

This new program allows me to radically reduce the price and make the “playing field” as even as possible for new-comers to the market. In only a few short months I've produced a program – The Ultimate Government Sales Jumpstart Program - that can show anyone selling any legitimate business product or service how to enter this government market. 

This is not a “get rich quick scheme” – it is a legitimate “grow your business and get rich slowly” map!

This started by launching www.GovernmentExpress.com four years ago – lots of free information for companies new to the market. But many of those companies wanted more!

Twenty–two years ago I started Amtower & Company. Since then I have been responsible for bringing over three hundred and fifty companies into the government market through various programs> Many of my clients dominate their niches and make tens of millions each year – some of the without contracts – selling on the open market. Others sell through various contracts, including the GSA Schedule, and some of these make hundreds of millions each year.

I have also seen thousands of companies enter this market blind, or with the wrong advice or “guide”, and spend lots of money trying to start a program doomed from the outset.

Most of these companies leave the market without understanding why they failed!

If you operate on faulty assumptions and proceed down blind alleys – you are wasting time, energy and money.

Here are a few quick highlights from my proven track record:

  • After a call from the CEO of an IT training firm, I did some research. The IT training company got a GSA Schedule -the first such Schedule in the IT training category - and we ramped them up to over $20,000,000 in GSA sales in two years with some very targeted can cost-effective marketing. My fee was over $20,000.

  • A business furniture cataloger brought me in to consult on selling to the Federal government. After reviewing the market segment and their marketing plan, I recommended that they stay off the GSA Schedule and staying with the under $2,500/per order market segment (their sweet spot). In three years they were doing $15,000,000 a year in open market (high margin) Federal sales, representing over 12% of their total company sales. This company paid me over $100,000.

  • An event producer brought me in to review their marketing program in an attempt to both cut costs and raise attendance. Working with their internal marketing staff, I developed a program which leveraged their long-time attenders (people who had been attending their events longer than the past three years) to act as advocates inside their respective agencies - without violating federal ethics rules regarding endorsement of specific vendors - and we raised attendance by over 10% and reduced costs by over 15%. This was a $10,000 one day program.

  • An industrial products company new to the government arena asked for my advice on their web site. After reviewing the segment, and their go-to-market plan (open market, no GSA), I developed with the a "government page" highlighting the strengths they had that fit what government buyers wanted in this category: excellent customer service, fast delivery, a web site where stuff was easy to find, and government credit card acceptance. Inside a year their web site was pulling over $1,000,000 in government orders through the web site. My fee was over $20,000.

  • A group headed by an experienced publisher wanted to start a new publication in the Federal market and brought me in for advice. After reviewing the landscape, I told them the idea was ill-timed and the audience was not there. They went ahead with the publication, and it folded after two issues. Not all of my advice leads to market growth. Sometimes I have to tell people there is no fit. But when confronted with these situations - you will get my best advice. After receiving an email from a Florida company having problems invoicing the government on their first contract, I was able to help them resolve the issue in days. I was “stiffed for my fee, as they went broke!

  • Working with a small New England audio-visual company, we helped ramp government sales from $100,000 to over $3 million in 2 years, without contracts. My fee over several years was over $100,000.

  • I have advised some of the largest contractors (including Northrop Grumman and Dell) and some of the smallest – but all of them more successful as a result.

You can get the same top-quality advice for under $500!

  • I'm regularly invited to speak at major industry events, including Federal Channels, the Annual Conference for the Coalition for Government Procurement, ItsGov, and FOSE, all major events in this market. You better believe I wouldn't be invited back if I didn't deliver real information to the established market professionals that attend these events. Plus, I'm the quoted in government trade press and the business marketing press an average of once every week. Event producers and publications understand that having me at their events or quoted in their publications adds value to the content!

As you can see, I “walk the talk” – something that isn’t too common any more.

The Ultimate Government Sales Jumpstart Program is a resource is unlike anything you’ve ever seen (or in this case – heard!), in large part because I am unlike any consultant in the government market. Washington is a town known for political correctness and not rocking the contracting boat. I am known as the guy who calls them exactly like he sees them – regardless of the audience or the venue.

Actually, you’ll think of the Jumpstart Program as your government “cookbook” for getting started in the government market. You simply follow the step-by-step process until you have determined your market entry strategy, and then I’ll show you how to differentiate yourself from others in your niche. And like a cookbook, you get to use it again and again!

I’ve taken all the guesswork, rumor and mis-information out of the equation and it doesn’t matter what product or service you’re selling.

Here’s What A Few Industry Experts (Insiders!) Had To Say About This Program When They Had A Sneak Preview:

"Success in the government market depends on intelligence (both kinds) and relationships. Mark Amtower understands the value of both and translates that knowledge into a roadmap for the newcomer and old hand alike."

Anne Armstrong, Publisher, FCW Media Group (Federal Computer Week)

“With Amtower’s help, we were able to maximize the $11 billion ceiling on the largest Information Technology contract ever awarded.”

Mark Meudt, formerly Director of Marketing PRC

"We've worked with Mark Amtower for over six years. At the time he came aboard, Uncle Sam accounted for less than $100K per year of our business. With Amtower's assistance, it became several million and over one-third of our business."

Scott Heller, President, National Audio-Visual

"I have been to two marketing seminars in my career. I attended a Mark Amtower seminar in 1998 with two zero's - 0 knowledge of direct selling and 0 direct sales. This year (2005) I attended my second Amtower seminar with eight zero's - the dollar size of our annual federal direct sales. We sell in three GSA SIN's and our market share of those SIN's - per public GSA information and among 33 competitors - was 89% for federal fiscal 2005. 75% of the marketing methods we have employed in the last 7 years I learned in one day from Mark in 1998. If I may presume to give advise, (1) Go to his seminar; and (2) Try EVERYTHING you hear that MIGHT apply to your business and that you can afford to do ONCE."

Writer wishes to remain anonymous so his competitors do not know how he gained this marketshare!

"I have worked with Mark Amtower since 1989 and he has consistently delivered the results that have aided in building sales revenue from the government for over $50 million. He knows this business and can deliver results ---very few people can make this claim! Thanks, Mark!"

George Glaros, Black Box Network Services and Adjunct Lecturer
The Catholic University of America

"In my experience, Mark knows everybody in this town, and he knows how Washington works, and he has a heart of gold – he will go out of his way to help you achieve your goal more quickly than you could ever get there by yourself!"

M. Dendy Young, former CEO 

"In this program, Mark follows his usual no-nonsense approach, getting right to the heart of what to do and not to do when it comes to selling to the government.”

Calvin L. Hackeman, Managing Partner,
Information Technology
Practice, Grant Thornton LLP.

"Mark Amtower is without a doubt the leading authority on business-to-government marketing.” 

Robert W. Bly, Author and World Renown Copywriter

These are not people who offer praise lightly. These are established professionals in the market.

If you’d like to see why they’re so excited and if you want to enter the largest market in the world, buy the Ultimate Government Sales Jumpstart Program and see how it will work for you.

It’s set up as a comprehensive four-part program to help you develop a successful government market entry program.

CD 1 is an extensive market overview of many things you should understand before developing a mark entry strategy. Includes information on how and what the government buys, and  many of the things you need to understand BEFORE you start.

CD 2 is a comprehensive look at the most popular government contract – the GSA Schedule. Do you need one…or mot?

CD 3 is the “how to start” program, going over the mechanics and many sources of information – many free or low cost.

CD 4 is how to market yourself once you have determine how you are going to sell.

The accompanying 120 page workbook is equally important, as it will have web sites, resources, organizations and lots of “how to” checklists.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once we see where you fit in the product/service scheme of things, we will send you two more bonus CDs designed to further ensure your success.

Many companies spend $10,000 a day or more for me to come in and present essentially the same material. You can too, if you like – or…you can buy it for $497!

Here, for the first time ever, it is presented as a cost-effective, self-paced CD and workbook learning experience. This not only allows you to learn at your own pace, but provides you with an in-house resource to educate your staff and new employees as you grow.

What I am offering here is a Master’s Program distilled from lessons learned in the front lines of the government market over 22 years!

You can’t get this stuff in graduate school!

Here are Just a Few of the Lessons You’ll Learn On the Road to Your Successful Government Market Entry:

Getting Educated and Ready for Business:

  • Understand that there are no quick hits. This market requires planning, patience, and solid execution. You do not enter the Big Leagues without knowing this.
  • Choosing your targets of opportunity carefully expedites success. You don’t come in to sell to “government,” you come in to sell to ­people who run programs who need what you have. And you have to understand how they buy and understand what they need to hear from you.
  • You must learn to speak their language – on the phone, in your marketing materials, and at your web site.
  • You need to know how to avoid being falling into ethical grey areas where you can lose everything you have worked for.
  • The absolute most critical skill you need for success is continuing education from reliable sources. Our free TELESEMINARS will fill this gap!
  • Why almost everything you read in the mainstream media about doing business with government is just plain wrong!

Laying the Groundwork for Market Entry:

  • A simple way to know if you need a GSA Schedule right away. Or if you can start selling without one (remember George Mosher…).
  • Easy ways to identify who is selling products or services in your niche – and you can see what they make!
  • 3 critical – and free – resources to help you understand all the mechanics of government business.
  • Identify key competitors and determine their weaknesses and your strengths to start the migration of customers from them to you!
  • What publications are most germane to your audience? And how do you make the most of that publication?
  • How to find the associations and special interest groups that matter to your prospect audience?
  • Of the hundreds of events for government employees each year, how do you determine which – if any – are best for you?
  • And much, much more…  

How much would you pay to get a one-day in-house program from the top consultant in the government market?


But it is all in The Ultimate Government Sales Jumpstart Program for about less than it costs for an hour of my consulting time! I have spent months developing this program to take you by the hand, push you, and prod you every step from ground zero to developing a successful market entry plan in about two months. This does not mean the money starts coming in 60 days, but your plan is in place and you are ready to proceed.


We will provide SIX FREE one-hour teleseminars with government sales, marketing, business development, and proposal experts.

Other companies are charging $350 for 90 minute teleseminars that do not approach the quality of what we offer here.

Get Started Today!

All you need to get started is the decision that you’ll commit yourself a realistic timeframe and I will provide the education you need to enter Fortune One – the U.S. government market.  I think you’ll agree this is a tremendous bargain compared to anything else out there. It costs less than one hour of my consulting time – if you can even get on my calendar.

So click here now to grab it!

But there’s still more. There are already two bonus CDs in the Program!

And more free bonuses for being among the first 200 to buy!”

Once I understand what you are trying to sell, I will send out two more bonus CDs designed to help you grow your government business faster.

Bonus #2 – A Free Quarterly tele-seminar for all buyers in 2007!

I will host quarterly tele-seminars only for buyers of the program. During this seminar we’ll have a sales expert, a leading GSA Schedule expert, a bid and proposal professional to answer your questions (you send them in before the seminar).

Bonus #3 – A Web Site for Buyers Only

At www.GovernmentExpress.com there will be a buyers only resource section, including an area where you can submit your questions to our panel of experts.

Bonus #4 - Insider News via Newsletter from the “Guru of Gurus” in the Government Market

I will provide a bi-monthly newsletter exclusively for the Jumpstart buyers, full of timely real-world advice on further establishing your business in the government market- FREE! This will include advice from professionals in these areas…

  • marketing
  • sales
  • business development
  • contracts, bids and proposals

Is this a great deal or what?

Okay, so now the moment of truth. The only real question to ask yourself is this:

Are You Willing To Commit Yourself, Wholeheartedly,
to Following My Instructions?

 Yes   or    No

If you’ve honestly answered "yes", then please consider this a binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision that changes your life. I promise to do my part, if you’ll do yours.

In fact, I am so absolutely positive of this – I am willing to give you one of the best guarantees you’ll see in print.

Here’s the Best Guarantee 
You’ll Ever See in this market! 

Guarantee: This new program comes with a no-questions, no-quibble, 30-Day money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason), you decide this information isn’t right for you, just return the Program and Workbook at any time within 30 Days, and we’ll refund every penny you paid.

That's a FULL Month to put me to the test - all the risk is on me!

Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.

Our industry expert friends think I am certifiably nuts to offer such a great deal and incredible guarantee. And I cannot promise I won’t be raising the price soon.

Really, there’s really nothing left to say. If you want to get into the world’s biggest market, there is no better place to start. Otherwise, it’ll be a huge mystery if you chose not to be among the first 200 to get in on this deal.

Think about it, you could be one of those stumbling and fumbling around trying to get into the government market, or you could get advice from the mentor to the successful professionals in this market!

So what are you waiting for? 

Click here now to get going!

Order now!

Yours in Success,
Mark Amtower 

P.S. Your successful program could be under way in as little as two months, and by this time next year you could see 10% or more of your total business coming form Government buyers! Follow my advice and this could grow to 20% or more of your business! It’s your choice! Order Right Now!

P.P.S. Special update: 90% of the top players in the government market attend my seminars, buy my CDs, and use my consulting. Many of the top performers in this market consider me their mentor. Here are just a few of the unsolicited comments and results we've received back from readers:

"Mark Amtower knows what works. He shares that with you in "Best Practices". His dozens of clients, and their millions of dollars of success, attest to his wisdom. When he says something is a "Best Practice", you know it works, because it's brought his clients success. Moreover, when he tells you something is NOT a best practice, listen up: he'll tell you how he's seen it miss opportunities and wasted money. Finally, Mark keeps on top of what keeps people on top: he always tells you how to exploit emerging market developments, buying trends and regulations to maximum advantage in your own strategy. Pithy, lively, and uncompromising: if you want hard straight advice, that's exactly what you're going to get."

Judy Bradt, Summit Insight

“I really enjoyed your session - it was one of the very few really informative sessions I have attended.”


“Your time on the phone the other day was the most productive time I have spent with anyone in the government market. Thanks!”

Scott in Vermont.

“Mark, I learned more in 3 hours from you than I have from our alleged government office in Washington in 3 years!  You are the best!”

John M, computer reseller in New Hampshire

"Mark, from one government guru to another, you are the Best of the Best!”

Bob Gosselin, Virginia

“Mark, in the three years we used your consulting we went from a distant second tier company to the leader of our category, increasing our sales by over $100 million – Wow! “

Director at a Computer Reseller

“I am sorry for the delay but I wanted to thank you for your insights and recommendations that you presented at the Los Angeles “Best Practices” seminar.  I have already spread some of your wisdom to my fellow government teammates…. Thank you again and I look forward to your future emails and advice.”



“Mark, one of the points you made when you were presenting here saved us tens of thousands of dollars a year! Thanks”

General Manager, New England catalog company

“Hi Mark, it was great session in Denver. As we briefly discussed, I am leading a Federal initiative with our reseller community-- most of whom are new to Fed, but understand our product well. We could use your help!”

Very Best Regards,
Greg Grosser


"Mark Amtower is the Dean of Government Marketing”

Dendy Young, former CEO, GTSI

Order Now!


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