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Volume 2, #2, March 2008

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March 2008 Contents



Item:Item:  The Profitability Channel is a web-tv network with business shows for small business and entrepreneurs. Many nationally known business experts are interviewed on the shows on The Profitability Channel. You can get great advice on all facets of running a small business. The Profitability Channel  requires membership, but it well worth it. Here is a sample of programs from one week:

1. Discover three easy things you can do to check our your company's customer service. Monday, The Ugly Truth about Small Business, with Michael Brown (www.freshcustomerservice.com). Live at 10 AM Eastern time.

2. Get ACT! questions answered. Tuesday, Getting More out of ACT!, with Alanna Galiano (www.profilingsolutions.com) Live at 10 AM Eastern time.

3. Learn how to save money on your retirement plans. Tuesday, Human Capital, with Gary Mauger (Managing Partner of New Pinnacle Consulting Group). Watch anytime.

4. Avoid the Pitfalls in Accounts Receivable Management  Wednesday, Financial Management with Greg Porter of Capital Funding Solutions (www.cfsfunds.com). Watch anytime. 

5. How to be first on a Google search and control what the web says about you. Thursday, Customer Catcher, with Andy Greiger of qAlias (www.qAlias.com). Watch anytime. 

6. Find easy ways to solve tough business problems. Thursday, Live at Lunch, with Pat Coan of ActionCOACH (www.actioncoach.com) Live at 1:05 PM Eastern time.

7. See what maximizing your potential can do for you.  Friday, The Small Business Book Club, with Michael McFadden (www.theleadershiptrainingcompany.com). Live at 10 AM Eastern time.  Viewers receive a discount on Michael's book, Maximize Your Potential. Go to www.profitabilitychannel.com and click on the store. 

8. How to win government  without compromising. Friday, Business - Government Connection, with Michelle Randall. Watch anytime.

Check it out: http://www.profitabilitychannel.com

Item: On March 28, Ken Blanchard discusses his forthcoming book, The One Minute Entrepreneur on Amtower Off Center, WFED AM 1050 in Washington, DC. The show is simulcast (and archived) at www.FederalNewsRadio.com . The book comes out April 28. Mr Blanchard has  several business best-sellers to his credit, including the original The One Minute Manager, which is still in print 27 years after it first came out. The new book is quite good, especially if you like the parable approach used in the One Minute Manager books.



There are hundreds of events each week around the country for companies that want to do business with the Federal government. Many of these are excellent, many are not. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list,, but does include events I am comfortable  endorsing. Just because an event is not listed below does not imply it is not worth attending.

March 25-26, 2008, National High Performance Computing and Communications Council's 22nd Annual Government HPC and IT Conference , Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Newport, RI. Conference information is available at: WWW.HPCC-USA.ORG, or by phone at 401-624-1732 

April 1-3, FOSE, with new conference portion, http://www.fose.com/

April 5-8, Modular Building Institute 25th Anniversary Convention & Trade Show. Bonita Springs, FL  http://www.mbinet.org/Events_Calendar.aspx  I am speaking at the with Guy Timberlake of The American Small Business Coalition.

April 10, Freedom Bank Small Business breakfast seminar, Vienna VA. Email Jennifer Hassenpflug   jhassenpflug@freedombankva.com for details or to register. I will be presenting here with Gregg Funkhouser of Goodman & Co. and Kevin DeSanto of Kipps and DeSanto.

April 13-16; IRMCO 2008http://www.irmco.gov/

April 17-18, 2008 AFCEA Belvoir's Industry Days - featuring PEO EIS,
National Harbor, MD Exhibitor web site http://www.fbcinc.com/event.aspx?eventid=Q6UJ9A00EB8A
Conference Website: https://www.afceabelvoir.org/industryday.aspx

April 23-24, GovSec. http://www.govsecinfo.com/

April 24, 2008  18th Annual OSDBU Procurement Conference, Upper Marlboro, MD This is a great event for the novices in the federal market.

April 28-29,  2008, NSA Worldwide Information Technology Conference (WWITC)
Ft. Meade, MD On-campus at NSA – you cannot get a better event.

April 30 - May 1, 2008, NSA Worldwide Information Technology Conference (WWITC)  Ft. Meade, MD

May 5-8, 2008, Armor Warfighting Conference 2008, Fort Knox, KY

May 6-7, 2008, Global INFOSEC Partnership Conference (GIPC) 2008
Sierra Vista, AZ
Exhibitor website: http://www.fbcinc.com/event.aspx?eventid=Q6UJ9A00F5E0
Conference website: http://www.fbcinc.com/gipc

May 12-13, 2008 National Laboratories Information Technology (NLIT) Summit
Chicago, IL
Exhibitor: http://www.fbcinc.com/event.aspx?eventid=Q6UJ9A00FR02
Conference: http://www.fbcinc.com/nlit08/

May 13-14, 2008, Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Workshop, ORNL
Oak Ridge, TN
Exhibitor: http://www.fbcinc.com/event.aspx?eventid=Q6UJ9A00FS20
Conference: www.fbcinc.com/csiir

June 24-26, FedFleet,
Dallas TX www.FedFleet.org The best event for selling automotive product and services to the government.


Government Express eNews  is published by Amtower & Company, and is written for companies targeting the government marketplace. The opinions expressed are those of respective authors unless otherwise noted. Contact us at Amtower & Company, PO Box 314, Highland, MD 20777-0314,, or through the www.GovernmentExpress.com .  This material is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reprinted or otherwise replicated without written permission of the publisher.  Email subscriptions are free by request: sign up at www.GovernmentExpress.com .


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